For Business Owners, By Business Owners

Cloudscape was built with love in Dubai by tech geeks and retail veterans on a mission: helping retail store and restaurant owners do more with modern technology.

For Business Owners, By Business Owners

Keeping business joyful, as it should be

Running a store or restaurant comes with a unique blessing: the constant thrill and surprise that only dealing with people in the flesh can provide. It’s the best feeling ever, and we remember it fondly from back when we were in your shoes, running shop ourselves.

We created Cloudscape to help you experience this feeling it to the fullest.

Keeping business joyful, as it should be
"We keep your technology and operations functional, efficient and well-oiled. So you can focus on the things that matter: all those that lie beyond the transaction."

Bringing best of breed cloud solutions to the Middle East.


Trusted by leading cloud providers to implement their systems flawlessly.


Maximizing efficiency and profitability by going beyond the software.


Helping teams and managers succeed – out and about, day in and day out.

Certified By The Leading Systems We Implement


Modern technology, clockwork operations

Cloudscape Technologies helps you adopt and leverage the most efficient cloud systems for your specific store or restaurant, including Point of Sale, CRM, Inventory Management, accounting, and more.

Future-proofed by the best providers. Hand-picked by our experts.

The software is only the tip of the iceberg. The real perk is turning your operations into the ultimate customer-delighting, profit-making machine they can be.

To that end, we really get to know your business, train your frontline and back-office employees, and stick around when times are tough

This is us, in the flesh

Over 20 years in retail, hospitality and technology

Dhiren Bhatia
“ What must happen will happen ”

As you’d expect from Cloudscape’s Head Dreamer, Dhiren does like todo his dreaming…about new ways for business owners run their shops and restaurants, instead of being run by them.
For over 15 years, Dhiren has put the T in reTail by using technology to run successful retail companies. He then created Cloudscape to share all that wisdom & love with fellow entrepreneurs.

Now, if you think all that would fit someone who’s hell-bent on home automation, loves Iron Man (Jarvis, open curtains!), and religiously follows How I Built This, you’d be totally right.

Dhiren Bhatia Dhiren Bhatia
Christopher Thomas Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas
“ Work Hard! Play Hard! ”

A self-proclaimed “average techno geek,” Chris codes for the Web, eats business information systems for breakfast, and follows technology trends more obsessively than you your favourite celeb’s Insta stories.

So, a vanilla IT guy, right?

Think again. Or better, chat him up while he’s making your POS system dance to the jazz.

You’ll see why this young music-loving, Deadpool-worshipping Cloudscaper is our“implementation specialist with a mouth” – in the best, funniest sense possible.

Ajinkya Patil
“ The seeker of the truth should be humbler than the dust ” - Gandhi

You probably know the drill. When Ajinkya tells you that “Winter is Coming” (because he will) he won’t fail to mention he read it in the book first. #bookisbetter, amirite?

On a more Cloudscapey note, Ajinkya has made it a personal mission to make happen what advisors and thought leaders are too few to: help every single business out there run truly clockwork operations.

As a Kaizen expert, ex cloud developer, he’s definitely the man for the job.

When he’s not configuring cloud systems and training frontline warriors and managers, you’ll find our operations ninja smashing table tennis, keeping up with global foreign policy, and lurking around Game ofThrones subreddits hunting for those tinfoil theories.

Ajinkya Patil Ajinkya Patil
Pallavi Trivedi Pallavi Trivedi
Pallavi Trivedi
“ No matter how you feel today, get up, dress up and show up ” - Paulo Coelho

Meet Pallavi, our full-time bookworm – chiefly, Nicholas Sparks and Sophie Kinsella – “purely situational” cook, and all-time cartoon fan. (Literally “all-time” indeed, as she believes no cartoon to date beats Tom & Jerry).

Anyhows, Pallavi lives and breathes development in all its splendor, as an ex-Java developer whom the twists of fate later launched head-first into telecom business development.

Many SAP implementations and tech projects later, she enjoys nothing more than meeting new people and business opportunities from different industry verticals.

Nowadays, Pallavi is helping Cloudscape and our clients dev-that-biz with strategy, analytics and tailored cloud systems.

Chancy Shah
“ If you only do what you can do, you will never be better than what you are. ”

It’s funny how some skills apply to anything you do in life.

In her spare time, you’ll find Chancy baking delicious… well, anythings, and getting crafty with whatever’s on hand.

Conversely, just give her some data – any data – and she’ll turn it into operations-streamlining, bottom-line gold.

A SAP-certified IT consultant, Chancy comes from a killer streak in ERP implementation across many, many industries, as well as data analysis in the finance and tax advisory spaces.

In less businessy terms, think of her as a cloud system whisperer, who’ll make sure data flows, systems, and the hoomans behind them work together like best friends.

Chancy Shah Chancy Shah

But enough about us

What’s more interesting is your business, and how modern inventory management technology can help it succeed. Find out with a free, no strings attached discovery consultation.