The First Ever Vend POS Retailers Community Meetup

by Dhiren Bhatia / March 08, 2020

If you’ve been following the Elevated Entrepreneur blog, you may know that Cloudscape Technologies is the leading expert partner of Vend POS in the UAE. I have seen Vend grow right from when I started using Vend in my retail business in 2010  and I’m super excited to tell you about the first ever Vend POS Meetup event  on March 3rd 2020.

As a former retailer, I’ve long appreciated the power of collaboration amongst fellow entrepreneurs & it’s with that intent, my team and I had set about organizing the first ever Vend POS community meetup. We had a room full of amazing retailers running online and offline businesses across various retail segments and seeing them network really showed the tremendous value the community got from coming together! Here’s a quick rundown of the evening’s events and I hope that you’ll take a moment to read through and enjoy the pictures!

If you’d like to have a look at the pictures from the event, please head on over to the Cloudscape Facebook Page or click here

I had the pleasure of sharing an idea that I feel strongly about i.e customer satisfaction is equal to employee satisfaction! My point being that customers are looking to work with happy companies and if the staff member is serving them with a smile, the customer is more likely to remember that interaction and come back for that enjoyable experience. I shared ideas on how you can leverage modern systems to really simplify and automate store processes for your staff and keep them happy and smiling. The 2020 updates from Vend POS are really instrumental in driving this idea of simplified process especially some key ones like the roll out of integration with Quickbooks, easier ordering abilities, the ability to use the scanner app on mobile devices for better product information and clearer reporting for purchase ordering.

Cloudscape Technologies specializes in retail and hospitality sectors and enabling business owners to get started with modern iPad software for businesses. I truly believe that a modern, easy to use POS & inventory management system is one of the essential requirements for businesses that have stores and kiosks in ensuring happy employees. A great example of this is a client that we’ve had the pleasure of working together for the last two years, M’oishi Ice Cream. Carole, the co-founder of M’oishi spoke at the event and shared how Vend POS has helped her team in their business journey right from her first store till her most recent 16th store in the region.

When I asked Carole about the one key benefit that she’s gotten from Vend POS, Carole answered, “As a founder, Vend has certainly helped to scale up really fast (as a business). It has given me the clarity I need to run the business effectively.” Explaining further, she remarked that with Vend POS, she is able to see specific reports that give her the insights on fast moving products and not-so-fast moving ones. With rapid expansion and complex business structures like in-store offers, new products in-store and home delivery, my team and I at Cloudscape have also helped M’oishi to leverage some amazing integrations like Unleashed software which has helped the M’oishi team to get more effective with inventory management. Carole shared that integrating Vend and Unleashed seamlessly has afforded them the ability to see reports not only across the stores but also keep a real-time eye on the manufacturing process within the warehouse.

I also invited a dear friend, Muhammad Manji, the founder of Automyze to talk about how fulfillment can be game changer the modern SME. Automyze as a business helps retail businesses on fulfillment of orders across all channels including instore, online and marketplace orders and Muhammed shared a lot of his learnings about fulfillment and the journey of a product from click to unboxing as well as showcasing some of the automation and optimization that will further simplify the fulfillment process.Muhammad also talked about how modern retailers are challenged with heightened competition with same day or next day deliveries and how his team can support their customers with such challenges including holding stock for customers who have fast moving products.

To round off the evening, Muhammad and I had an engaging Q&A round and networking afterwards together with some amazing bites and coffee!

If you’d like to have a look at the pictures from the event, please head on over to the Cloudscape Facebook Page or click here

My team and I are thankful for the support from Vend, Moishi and Automyze together with the audience who joined the first-ever Vend POS community meet-up. I look forward to seeing more of you and your teams at the next Retailers Meetup in September 2020! #retailersunite

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