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Discover how we helped iconic shops and chic restaurants leverage cloud technologies to win at business!

The Little Birdy

As the leading lifestyle, gift and stationery distributor in the Middle East, the Little Birdy Group is all about one thing: volume. Selling an incredible quantity of merchandise across online and offline channels, they needed to manage their inventory across multiple warehouses, as well as keep an eye on finances in real-time, all the time.

After taking some time to completely understand their business model, we recommended and implemented the perfect integrated solution: Unleashed Inventory management and Xero accounting, perfectly integrated with each other, the back-office, and management back in the UK.

With Unleashed, the team can now monitor stock levels and sales revenue with the click of a button, from anywhere in the world. Powered by Xero, all that data syncs with accounting in real-time, giving management an instant overview of performance, outstanding receivables, and the impact of operations on the bottomline.


The Little Birdy Group is a British company in Dubai, whose passion for retail over the last decade has brought many select, design-led products from all over the world to the Middle East..

The Good Life

Started in Beirut and kick-started in Dubai, this company’s mission was to show the Middle East how crucial fashionable sneakers were to a ‘Good Life.’ To achieve that vision, they needed clockwork, scalable, profitable omni-channel retail. We delivered just that with a mix of Vend , Shopify and Xero .

The first stop was a POS solution that was both easy to manage and as elegant as their stunning concept store. We chose sleek POS hardware from Star Micronics, and integrated it natively with leading cloud POS solution Ve.

Next up? A full-fledged e-commerce site, with the ability to control stock movement and customer information from one central dashboard. We set up the Good Life Shopify store, and integrated it seamlessly with the Vend POS.

Finally, to add business efficiency and a crystal-clear picture of financial health at any point in time, we connected the Xero accounting cloud to the in-store and online sales channels. Today, The Good Life can sell seamlessly in its stores and at the click of a button, while keeping every aspect of the business accounted for in real-time.


As one of the few concept stores in the U.A.E, The Good Life Space boasts a beautiful space dedicated to all that is unique and rare in modern culture. They focus primarily on sneakers, and all of their products come from limited production runs by some of the world's most creative and exclusive brands, including Nike and Adidas..

Flipside DXB

Flipside DXB didn’t become one of the world’s best record shops by selling records. They did so by selling the experience of music, with discovery across genres and sub-genres, an unforgettable in-store experience, and a host of music-related services. We helped the owners, musicians and DJs by trade, incorporate that beautiful complexity in a single, efficient cloud POS system.

Vend was the obvious choice here: a versatile, scalable and robust cloud point of sale solution. With Vend, the Flipside team can easily sell and keep track of their many product categories, including records, delicious coffee, time-based products, and even recording studio time.

Most importantly, Vend’s powerful data organization adds value to both customers and management. Frontline employees can help customers discover new music via the flexible tagging features, and managers can access sales reports by genre, sub-genre and product class at the click of a button.


As the first independent vinyl retail store in Dubai, Flipside DXB aims to be a musical hub and space for musicians and artists in the region. The store features local and regional artists, alongside the best music from every corner of the world. It has been recognized by industry publications as one of the world’s top record shops..

C House Milano Cafe & Restaurant

C-House Milano, an elite lounge cafe and restaurant in Dubai, offers nothing short of excellence in every area, be it food, atmosphere, or service. They needed a best of breed point of sale system that featured every technical component in the book, high speed and reliability, plus a backup plan in case of connectivity issues. All that, while improving operations and boosting the bottom line. Bring it on!

We integrated Lightspeed Restaurant and Xero the obvious choice here: a versatile, scalable and robust cloud point of sale solution. With this system, the C House team is able to offer an amazing guest experience and also eliminate paperwork to ensure sales information is entered directly into the accounting system without any wasted efforts and time.


Renowned worldwide, the C House concept offers hand-made, authentic Italian and Mediterranean food in a luxurious, shiny, charming atmosphere. Our client, the C House Lounge and Restaurant in Dubai, is one of the chain’s most iconic venues..

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