10 Entrepreneurial Tips to Become A Successful Salesperson

by Riche Atos / November 29, 2021

Do you want to become a successful salesperson? We know that sales are the lifeblood of any company, but it can be hard for entrepreneurs who are used to wearing many hats (and doing them all well) to take on another role they may not feel equipped for.

That’s why in this episode, I’ll share with you the best tips and lessons that have helped me get better at sales by focusing on their strengths and leveraging proven strategies while still staying true to yourself and your businesses’ values.

Episode Highlights:

  • 02:02 Why we shouldn’t shy away from selling our own products or service 
  • 03:30 A really powerful tip to connect with your customers and build their trust in you
  • 04:35 Why you don’t need to pretend to be a big or small company and just be authentic
  • 05:45 How to present your products or service as a solution to your customers’ greatest pain points
  • 06:53 Why hearing the word ‘no’ at the beginning of a conversation is actually the best place to start
  • 08:02 Something that may be counterintuitive but does wonders in showing your authority and credibility 
  • 09:23 How to demonstrate your value proposition
  • 09:45 Should you give discounts to customers?
  • 11:45 An easily forgotten tip most entrepreneurs fail to do
  • 12:28 Why breaking up with clients can sometimes be viewed as an honourable thing to do


10 Tips I have learned as An Entrepreneur on How to Be a Successful Salesperson

  1. Owning your role as a salesperson 
  2. Sharing stories or storytelling
  3. Don’t pretend to be someone else
  4. Knowing your customers’ pain points
  5. Overcoming the fear of rejection
  6. Your ability to refer to you competition
  7. Ability to give discounts
  8. Understanding how your product/service helps your clients make money
  9. Set your next meeting before you leave the first one
  10. Your ability to break up with your clients

Connect with Dhiren:


The One with the N Word


“So remember, don’t pretend to be something that you’re not, you don’t have to pretend to be a big brand, you don’t have to pretend to have many locations, you don’t have to pretend to be anything. In fact, the closer you are to yourself is what is going to get customers to be attracted to you.” – Dhiren Bhatia

“Asking your customers as to why they came to you why they bought from you, what made them do a deal with you can be so much more powerful when used with the next customer, because now you’re really using their language, as opposed to your language, you’re using their lens on this problem, and selling the solution to the problem.” – Dhiren Bhatia

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Thanks, and lots of love,

Dhiren Bhatia

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