by Dhiren Bhatia / August 10, 2020

I published my first episode five months ago. What a journey in producing this content and sharing it with YOU, this has been! Following a year and a half year of planning – and the pandemic – deliberation, thinking and dreaming, I was finally hitting the record button. It’s been an exciting start!

Why did it take me that long? Well, I could attribute this to a long list of excuses. Some of them included being too busy, not sure whether I’d sound professional enough, and not having enough time. Looking back, I realize these were excuses – not reasons.

As we approach 1000 downloads, this has been more of a learning experience than I would have ever imagined. If asked, I would attribute my podcast’s success to two things: dedicating one day of the week to podcasting (I have chosen Tuesdays for this) and having a set process.

All in all, I am still learning, trying to improve my craft, and thoroughly enjoying the process.

This episode is dedicated to sharing the 10 big lessons I have learned in creating the Elevated Entrepreneurs Podcast, and some of the things I have loved and loathed while trying to navigate the growth of this show.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

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Episode Highlights

01:16 – Lesson number one; Getting started

02:48 – Lesson number two; Getting over my dislike for my voice

03:54 – Lesson number three; Creating a compelling episode is not easy.

04:44 –  Lesson number four; Don’t do it yourself.

05:21 – Lesson number five; There is no such thing as an overnight success

06:15 – Lesson number six; The process and discipline of podcasting is really, really important.

07:46 – Lesson number seven; Always be learning

08:30 – Lesson number eight; Getting over self limiting beliefs

08:14 – Lesson number nine; Podcasting is an expensive hobby

10:18 – Lesson number ten; Monetization.

11:57 – Sponsorship opportunities

12:10 – How the elevated entrepreneur podcast has done over the last 10 episodes.

13:34 – Special series of episodes coming right after this one

Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoyed this episode and I’d love to hear your feedback. You can email me at hello@elevatedentrepreneur.fm and help me improve or if you have someone in mind that would be a great guest on the show, feel free to recommend them via email.

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