by Riche Atos / December 29, 2020

Hey, Elevated Entrepreneur! Don’t you just love fresh starts, clean slates, and a New Year? While 2020 will be far from forgotten, I’m grateful for being able to turn over a new leaf and set new, inspired, and intentional goals for 2021. In today’s episode, we’ll be talking less about the accomplishments I want to achieve and more about the mindset and actions I’ll be doing in the coming year. You’ll also learn how I’m setting myself up for success using my 3-2-1 Method. Curious to know what it’s all about? Then let’s dive into the episode and begin!

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Episode Highlights:

04:07 What the 3-2-1 method is made of

04:37 How I came up with the 3-2-1 method and why I believe it’s the key to success

04:43 Compartmentalizing my calendar

06:17 Using a planner in conjunction with my calendar

06:31 Learning how to manage my time better by planning the right way

08:30 Why following the 12-Week Year won’t work without the first 2 things

08:56 This really cool app I use to utilize my time more wisely

10:03 Do what you’re doing.

11:06 Why it is so important to focus on the task at hand 

13:11 How I’m instituting better email and social media discipline

13:19 An amazing concept that blew my mind on how to better manage my email workload

16:13 Introducing the idea of screen time by having all my apps turn off by 9:30 pm

19:51 How you can maintain an attitude of gratitude in your daily practice 

19:55 Realizing that you can be grateful for even the small things in life 

20:31 Affirmations and how they’ve helped me through this year

22:07 Shifting my mindset from “I have to” to “I get to”

23:27 The one thing I want to think about more of in 2021: Habits 

25:31 How to create better habits by starting with routines


 On using a planner: “It’s a great way to be streamlined and to be thoughtful about what needs to be achieved on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly basis versus just showing up and dealing with the fires as they happen.”

“I want to get better at my ability to not work constantly… If you’re always working you don’t have time to appreciate your loved ones your friends, your family, you don’t have time to do other things that you like… Turning off on time is something that I want to make sure I do better in 2021.”

“I spent all of 2020 thinking about what makes for a good life, what makes me happy… But you know, I’ve come to realize at the end of 2020, it’s not about where I spend that life. It’s about who I spend that life with but more than that, it’s about what I do in this life, it’s about what I do on a day-to-day basis that’s going to make me happy and I control my happiness.”


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Dhiren Bhatia


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