by Riche Atos / July 27, 2021

A lot of books, articles, and podcasts about entrepreneurship revolve around productivity, operations, leadership, and systems, but one aspect is rarely discussed: our inner language.

The way we speak to ourselves and about our business plays a major role in our success. We speak words influenced by our subconscious minds, therefore, we become what we think and the thoughts we have become our reality.

Today’s episode is about the phrases entrepreneurs should avoid using. It’s not easy to remove them from our vocabulary, but as entrepreneurs, our first commitment is to make ourselves better. Don’t worry, I’ll give alternatives as well that will benefit our business teams, customers, and most importantly, our mindset.

Ready to elevate you and your business? Come on, and let’s dive in.

 Episode Highlights:

  • 05:03 The one word we should avoid to eliminate procrastination
  • 06:34 What entrepreneurship is all about
  • 07:03 Why “lucky” isn’t a word that we should be using in our entrepreneurial vocabulary
  • 07:42 “Not fair” vs taking control
  • 08:06 The key to success in entrepreneurship
  • 09:28 Why the phrase “make sense” is something we need to avoid 
  • 09:40 Why being a “busy” entrepreneur is not a sign of success
  • 10:42 Replacing the phrase “not bad” with positivity + abundance

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  • Episode 28: The One with the “N” Word – https://cloudscape.ae/podcasts/the-one-with-the-n-word/


“Hope comes from expectation and desire, what it does not come from is conviction and planning. And as entrepreneurs, the one thing that we have all learned is that success comes from planning and consistency not in hoping.” 

“Break your item down into the smallest steps possible, and then keep executing those steps. And success will indeed come your way. Because entrepreneurship is not about hoping it’s about planning.” 

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Dhiren Bhatia

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