by Riche Atos / April 05, 2022

This week I’m joined by two very special guests, Warsha Joshi and Evan Le Clus of the Dare to Scale Show. We’re diving into a discussion about a classic children’s book: Alice in Wonderland. I believe it’s not just for children, but everyone of every age can learn many valuable lessons from this book. We’re going to be talking about the main lessons we can learn from the book that have to do with entrepreneurship, and how you can apply those lessons to your life.

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Episode Highlights:

  • 03:00 How we can learn so much about entrepreneurship through children’s books and why we decided to talk about Alice in Wonderland in particular
  • 07:50 Why it’s always about getting the first step out of the way
  • 09:21 What stops a lot of people from taking the first step towards entrepreneurship?
  • 12:07 How to get over our shame of asking for help and why it’s actually the bravest thing you can ever do?
  • 12:54 Letting go of a preconceived notion from the corporate world
  • 15:19 The only validation we need is from ourselves
  • 20:35 The difference between a coach and a mentor
  • 27:28 Responding with our model of the world versus listening to someone else who has a different reality 
  • 35:54 The reason we sometimes stop ourselves from being “mad”
  • 48:43 Thanking yourself for an experience that taught you something instead of drowning in regret and self-doubt


“The simplest message is hidden in the simplest of sentences. And those we find in children’s books.” – Warsha Joshi

“There’s only one way to find out is to actually start doing it. Talking about it is only going to take you so far. Start it, begin the journey. Only then there is you even have a hope of finishing something. Otherwise, it’s just a conversation.” – Warsha Joshi

“If you’re overly cautious and you’re using excuses, of course, you’re gonna find all the reasons why you shouldn’t. If you just jump in, you’ll move forward and actually get something done.” – Evan Le Clus

“Beginning something as a first step, no matter how dirty it is, or how improvised it is, doesn’t really matter. It’s about getting the first step out of the way.” – Dhiren Bhatia

“It’s about believing in the magic that you can create for yourself because you’ve already created that… It’s about realizing where you’re at and appreciating what you have. So we are all in a fairytale. And we have to love it and believe in it because that’s our fate and you can be whatever you want it to be.” – Dhiren Bhatia


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