by Riche Atos / June 01, 2021

Ever wonder how hotels and restaurants retain and keep their loyal customers?

My guest today says it all boils down to excellent hospitality. The way that a hotel or restaurant cares about its customers and brings about a satisfying, comfortable, and safe experience through invisible touchpoints makes all the difference.

Join me as I welcome my guest, Ghizlane Benzakour, as she shares her journey of entrepreneurship, her amazing story of why she got into hospitality, and how she and her team made Table and Beyond the successful business it is today.

Episode Highlights:

[02:23] What the art of exceptional hospitality is all about
[05:17] Ghizlane’s journey from starting her own business at 12 years old to finally starting Table and Beyond in Dubai
[08:23] The legacy Ghizlane wants to leave through Table and Beyond
[10:29] Ghizlane’s surprising shift from wanting to be a doctor as a kid and her trip to Europe which changed her life around
[17:27] What she found missing in restaurants and hotels in Dubai when she just first started Table & Beyond
[23:23] Understanding your target market and finding what will make your customers happy
[28:07] The importance of bringing in a newer perspective to help improve your business
[30:33] Key ingredients to success that all restauranteurs and hotel owners must keep in mind
[31:49] Why it’s okay to be wrong and give yourself the room to fail gracefully
[34:51] Ghizlane’s insights on the future of hospitality
[36:50] Tips for restauranteurs who are looking to prepare for the expo
[41:31] What it means to be an Elevated Entrepreneur according to Ghizlane

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“Hospitality is not just about restaurants and hotels, it’s also about the hospitality that we extend in our homes because that is the sort of experience as guests, we look for that same level of warmth.” – Dhiren Bhatia

 “For me, Table and Beyond is an extension of me being a businessperson since I was young and wanting to have a team around me, supporting also people, helping the team also develop. I open doors to everyone. And then I’m helping my clients to find exactly what they need.” – Ghizlane Benzakour


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