by Riche Atos / February 23, 2021

With the ongoing pandemic and changes to the entrepreneurial landscape, more and more retail business owners are looking for new ways and platforms to sell their physical products.

The rise in popularity of online selling has made it clear that e-commerce is here to stay. But there are still some entrepreneurs who get confused as to the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of setting up an online store along with their physical store. Fortunately, I’ll be walking your through what you should do before setting up an e-commerce website and how you can set yourself up for success.

Whether you’re thinking of creating an e-commerce website or you already have one but are not sure how to move forward, this episode is for you.

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Episode Highlights:

02:07 The idea of selling everywhere
02:25 Options when it comes to selling online
03:25 Step 1 – figuring out your e-commerce strategy and how that fits into your overall business strategy
05:39 Step 2 – figuring out your requirements and features list
07:56 Step 3 – figuring out what your design looks like through a wireframe
09:08 Step 4 – figuring out what options are available to you in terms of technology
11:38 Step 5 – figuring out which readymade e-commerce platforms to choose and the pros and cons of each
15:28 things to consider when creating a great-looking e-commerce website.
17:03 The KISS principle
17:47 Step 6 – figuring out the payment processing options
18:44 How payment processors actually work
20:40 Step 7 – tying offline and online together
21:21 Selling omnichannel


05:54 “A lot of business owners get directly into building their e-commerce website and then figuring things out as they build it. That’s not the way you should approach e-commerce. It’s about figuring out what you’d like to offer, what are the features, what are the products your gonna carry, and more importantly who is that customer and what does that customer look like?”

09:39 “The first 2 big buckets that you should be aware of are building it yourself versus purchasing a platform that has already been designed and built for business owners like yourself.”

22:01 “Omnichannel is really the direction most e-commerce businesses are already heading into. and again, technology plays a very key role in how successful your omnichannel. but all the things that we have talked about today do play an important role in setting up yourself for success in omnichannel.”


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