by Riche Atos / November 01, 2021

Content is a huge part of thought leadership here in 2021. Whether it’s a blog, whether it’s podcast, a YouTube channel, really putting out content is key for people to become better in their business as well as become better as thought leaders.

In this episode, I’m going to take you from how I think about the podcast topics, how I put my show notes together, how I produce the episode, basically what my podcast production process looks like. Plus, you’ll get to know which kind of gear I use because that’s a big question that a lot of people ask.

Ready to get started? Head on to the episode and let’s dive in!

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Episode Highlights:

  • 02:48 Gear and equipment
  • 05:05 Pre-production process
  • 06:13 Batch producing content
  • 06:69 Production (Recording) process
  • 07:37 Post-production process
  • 09:06 Promotion marketing
  • 09:34 My tips for those who are looking to produce their own content. 

Gear and Equipment:

  • Microphone – Audio Technica 2100 USB mic
  • Headset – Apple AirPods
  • Laptop application – Garage Band
  • Voice recorder – Zoom H5

Tips on Getting Started Producing Your Own Content:

  1. The first step is really to get started. Don’t worry about the equipment. Don’t worry about the gear Don’t worry about the process. 
  2. The second thing that is really important is to give yourself permission to not be perfect.
  3. I recommend creating the episode and content in batches and then recording them separately in batches.


“The reason I like keeping it this simple is that when I’m thinking about producing content, the last thing I want to be doing is fiddling with buttons and knobs.” – Dhiren Bhatia 

“You need to be able to give yourself the permission to not be perfect to make mistakes, and then learn from those mistakes, and move along the process that is so powerful, especially when creating content because it really teaches you a lot about you as a content creator and the things that you like and don’t like.” – Dhiren Bhatia 

“I’ve come to learn from my experience as a podcaster is that the idea of creating an episode and recording an episode or two different steps, they’re not the same, a lot of podcasters will begin by creating the outline recording the episode all in one go. But I think that’s an exhausting process. Because if you’re trying to use your creative side of the brain to create the episode, and then record, it can take a lot of effort and can be quite tiring, which is why I recommend creating the episode and content in batches and then recording them separately in batches. And those are two very disparate steps in the process.” – Dhiren Bhatia  

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Dhiren Bhatia

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