by Riche Atos / July 13, 2021

Over the last six to eight months, I’ve been learning about the secret to getting things done, a secret to moving forward in life. It’s a framework I’ve been figuring out that helps me dictate the day, not the other way around. This framework was introduced to me by August Bradley called the Pillars, Pipelines, and Vaults (PPV) system, and it has helped me change my way of being productive and achieving my goals effectively and efficiently.

If you’re curious about what this concept is all about, as well as how systems thinking works, how to think like a scientist, and how to create your ideal day or week, go straight into the episode and dive in!

Episode Highlights:

  • 03:20 Why I’m learning to think differently and how a book by Adam Grant has changed my thought process
  • 04:26 How to get information in and out all the contents that we hear, read, and see, and use that information
  • 06:23 How systems thinking is like a pyramid and why we’ve been looking at our lives from a wrong perspective 
  • 07:32 What we all need to keep front and centre of our lives
  • 09:18 How we should really be looking at our goals
  • 10:29 The PPV framework explained
  • 14:09 The importance of weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reviews
  • 15:41 Why you should make it a point to note down your achievements and disappointments every week
  • 16:12 Bringing back the concept of your Ideal Day or Ideal Week
  • 17:02 The system I’m learning to use and build from the ground up to make my life a more successful life

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“Rather than letting the day take control of us, we need to take control of the day. And it doesn’t start with just planning your tasks out, but rather at a much higher level.” – Dhiren Bhatia

“If we were to make sure that we plan our day and week out ahead, and not just this week and next week, but the next few days and the next few weeks and the next few months, then we have a very clear path to walk on. And I think this is the secret to success.” – Dhiren Bhatia

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