by Riche Atos / April 06, 2021

Welcome to the Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast and today, we’re taking a break from our Retail Entrepreneur series to talk about one of my most recent massive achievements in life, and that is completing my first full 42k marathon! It was definitely not an easy journey and I wanted to share with you what that whole experience was like for me. As you know, I wasn’t alone in that experience and so today, I’m joined by two of my buddies who ran alongside me, Preet Sagar and Jeetender Gunwani. Together we look back on how we came up with such an ambitious goal, the wins and challenges that came before, during and even after achieving that goal, and some of the best lessons we’ve learned along the way that we can apply to our personal lives. 

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Episode Highlights:

[04:43] How I, Preet and Jeetender all met and became running buddies
[08:12] What our running experience was like before the full marathon
[09:59] How we prepared for the full marathon by completing their first 21k run
[12:02] The fears and hesitations running through our heads before running
[13:11] The power of routine – going for long runs every Friday
[13:42] Advice for someone who wants to run their first half marathon
[17:32] Why we decided to run a self-hosted marathon
[17:56] What our run setup was like for the full marathon 
[21:20] Thoughts going through our minds on the run day itself at the starting line
[29:05] The toughest thing we had to face during the run
[31:05] What kept us going despite the pain and exhaustion we were feeling both physically and mentally
[36:08] What we felt after reaching the finish line
[40:41] Lessons learned about running a 42k and how we can apply it to our daily lives
[49:18] Our next plans
[51:54] What mistake could you avoid in your journey of being a runner
[55:30] What makes for an elevated entrepreneur?



13:46 “Go slow, understand your body, understand your rhythm, no need to focus on the person ahead of you, or the person behind you. It’s your body and your pace that you need to focus on.” – Jeetender Gunwani 

14:20 “I would highly recommend signing up for a race and work backwards, that gives you a hard deadline by when you’re gonna finish the race.” – Preet Sagar

14:36 “We all agreed that we aren’t sure yet if we will complete or not, but we will show up at the starting line, and that’s gonna be a win for us.” – Preet Sagar

32:18 “I started thinking of the things I was grateful for, I started telling myself… I’m grateful for the blue sky, I’m grateful for the energy people have spent to make this pavement that I’m running on that I get to run here. I’m grateful for Dubai and Shaikh Muhammed for creating Palm Islands, I just kept on thinking positive thoughts and that kept me going.” – Preet Sagar

34:56 “A part of you is already on the finish line, you just have to meet that part.” – Jeetender Gunwani

36:18 “Unless you do it, you don’t realize what your body and your mind are capable of. Whatever goal you like, whatever passion you have, set up a structure, set up a timeline, get a crew that has similar thoughts so that you can actually take active steps towards it, and once you do complete it, it’s just a satisfaction that you cannot get from any other experience that you will have.” – Jeetender Gunwani

47:38 “The high that I feel when I run, and when I’m in my zone and when I’m in my rhythm, it’s surreal. That is something I would like to experience and I would definitely want to run a 42 again in a more formal environment with the running crew around us.” – Jeetender Gunwani


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