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Self-confidence in entrepreneurship is one of the keys to a successful entrepreneurial journey. However, most people miss out on a lot of opportunities because they overthink that they don’t deserve them, they are not good enough, and that they might just mess up.

They lack self-confidence which causes them not to see the endless possibilities that await them and how much they can do. Are you one of the “most people”? Do you want to reach your full potential and build strong self-confidence? Then this episode is for you. Meet Aliyah Rajah. She has a biomedical science degree and a master’s in public health. However, she realised that the boxes she was ticking didn’t offer the fulfilment or sense of achievement she hoped for. Now, she enjoys being one of the leading coaches in the UAE.

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Tips To Build Strong Self-Confidence in Entrepreneurship

  1. First, take a step back. We try to jump a few steps and say, “What’s the solution?” “What should I do?” But actually, have more trust and faith in yourself that if you really take a step back, ask yourself these deeper questions, and trust that you will actually come up with your own answers. And it gives you a different perspective.
  2. Second, if you want to build your self-confidence, you have to take action. It’s very important to realize you only become ready after doing the thing that scares you.
  3. Third, focusing on progress over perfection, because one major thing that hinders our confidence is when we strive for perfection. It’s like it either needs to be perfect or forget about it. You’re being very harsh, very hard on yourself. You’re setting unrealistic expectations for yourself.
  4. Fourth, if you want an instant shot of confidence, work on your body language. Interesting findings show that only 7% of our communication is verbal. We get so obsessed with the right thing to say in a conversation, socially or professionally, but only 7% is verbal, 38% is like our tone, the way we say things, and 55% is our body language.

Episode Highlights:

  • 03:24 Why did Aliya choose to coach self-confidence rather than what she studied and worked hard for many years
  • 06:16 What self-confidence is, and how does it differ from self-esteem
  • 09:14 What self-confidence has that arrogance does not have
  • 10:18 What are the signs that you lack self-confidence
  • 12:24 Who Aliya helped stop missing out on opportunities
  • 14:42 What are the common causes of having no self-confidence
  • 17:20 What should entrepreneurs do to up-level their self-confidence
  • 20:33 Aliya shared the story behind her 5-year-old 10 videos on Instagram
  • 25:32 The method that Aliya always recommends to everyone
  • 27:48 How to effectively write your everyday journal
  • 29:18 How does stepping back give you a different perspective
  • 42:53 The calmer you feel, the more confident you are


 “I think nowadays, we love to ramp up all the qualifications, to get all these courses. You can be good at what you do, you could be the hardest working person at your job even. But if you don’t have the confidence to go with that, you will always hold yourself back, you will never reach your full potential without the self-confidence that goes alongside that. And that is why Self-confidence is really important.” –Aliya Rajah

 “If we have a knockback in life, we’ve had rejections, if we don’t work through that, that can end up building walls around us. These over time will block us and dampen our self-confidence. So it’s about being aware. Self-reflection is very important along the way. Because if we’re not aware of the impact of our experiences, and circumstances on us, then they’re just gonna keep having an impact without us even realizing it.” –Aliya Rajah

“I guess just sitting with them. I’d say you don’t even need to just jump to doing anything else right away. So just become aware, be like, “What is actually going on in my mind right now? How is this making me feel?” because it’s very likely that some of the things we’re saying or doing make you feel very unmotivated, or maybe very stressed out. So just sit with that and have that awareness.” –Aliya Rajah

 “We try to jump a few steps and say, “what’s the solution? What should I do?” But actually, have more trust and faith in yourself that if you really take a step back, ask yourself these deeper questions, and trust that you will actually come up with your own answers. And it gives you a different perspective.” –Aliya Rajah

Wrap Up Questions

  1. What does it mean for you to be an Elevated Entrepreneur?So to be an elevated entrepreneur, I would say it’s about looking at yourself, being clear on where you’re going, and seeing yourself as the version that you want to be and where you want to go. So what I mean by that is, that it’s not just about looking at your current situation, where you are now, and making decisions based on the present, but looking at what your goal is for the future and making decisions.
  2. If there was one piece of advice that you’d give an entrepreneur, what would that be?I think as an entrepreneur, there are a lot of things. Of course, I’ve talked a lot about kind of your own personal development here and the skills you need to build on personally. But I would also say, make sure you have the right people in your circle. That is a huge tip because entrepreneurship can get really lonely. People don’t understand you. It can be a very isolating journey. It’s a whole different journey in itself. As an entrepreneur, you celebrate all the hardships to be able to bounce off them with other people. So get a really good solid support system around you. It’s probably a really useful part of this journey
  3.  Is there one book or a podcast that you’d recommend for someone to tune into, or read that’s made a big impact on your life?Start With Why by Simon Sinek (book)
    Feminine Millionaire Podcast of Polly Alexandre
  4. Where can people find you?Aliya Rajah | LinkedIn
    Confidence | Self-Love (@coach_aliya) • Instagram photos and videos
    The Women who Flourish Podcast (

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