by Riche Atos / November 16, 2021

Do you want to create a culture that empowers your team members and creates an environment where people feel happy, productive, and inspired? Do you want to build a company that is more than just the sum of its parts?  It all starts with the right rituals and routines.

Team rituals are proven to increase employee happiness by up to 20%! They also make employees feel like they belong in the workplace. This means happier customers who will be more loyal to your brand. And increased productivity which can lead to higher profits for your business. If you want to create a more engaged, productive team or you’re simply curious to find out what sort of rituals we practice over at Cloudscape, hit the play button, cue the music, and dive in!

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Episode Highlights:

  • 02:19 What are rituals and why do we need it in the workplace?
  • 05:36 Three types of rituals our team practices over at Cloudscape starting with the daily huddle
  • 07:20 Types of weekly team rituals
  • 09:58 Team rituals done every month
  • 12:55 Bonus one-off rituals
  • 14:03 Some rules and boundaries that our team has come up with for each ritual such as asynchronous communication
  • 09:34 An online team meeting agenda planning system that allows you to create sharp, concise agendas and very clear meeting notes – HUGO

Three Key Items Discussed on the Daily Ritual:

  1. What’s your win? What’s the victory that you’re celebrating?
  2. What’s the one thing that you’re going to focus on today?
  3. What’s the thing that’s blocking you the most, or the one thing that is causing impediments in your daily work? 

Weekly Rituals:

  • Weekly Huddle – similar to the daily huddle but adding one more question “What is the focus of the week?”
  • Tuesday Coffees – a casual chat where team members talk about anything under the sun over coffee and via Zoom
  • Game Night – happens bi-weekly/every two Thursdays (work stuff is not allowed during game nights)

Monthly Team Rituals :

  • Operations meeting – everyone goes through the business as a team, different metrics are tracked and discussed and everyone is aware of what’s happening in the organization
  • Sharing Feedback – everyone takes a turn to tell us about what they’ve heard from clients, so we review as a team, we talk about suggestions, and also give feedback to each other
  • Knowledge Sharing Call –  a presentation by a team member or a guest on a topic that is they feel is very important to share

One-Off Rituals

  • Welcome Lunch – to welcome a new team member 
  • After Action Review – discussion about what happened on a call or presentation or project, what went well, what could be improved on
  • Feedback Session with Clients – Our customer success team will reach out to a client and find out how we did on that project, and we get to review ourselves as a company and then we share that feedback internally


“Good feedback really is all about what went well, what wasn’t that good. And what the presenter could do better for next time. This adds so much value to the knowledge-sharing call. Oftentimes, it’s the part the presenter really gets to take away a lot from and those are the two things that we do monthly..” – Dhiren Bhatia

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Dhiren Bhatia

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