by Dhiren Bhatia / October 19, 2020

I have a secret to share – I’m the cookie monster in my home ! I’m usually in the kitchen snooping around for something to munch on and with my MASSIVE sweet tooth, I usually end up finding the box of cookies, that my wife Shweta has very carefully hidden from me 😆 Which is why I fell in love with the idea of healthy snacking and when I found this amazing food brand, I knew I wanted to learn more  about the Freakin’ Healthy brand and have Roy tell about his journey!

Founded by Roy Koyess, Freakin’ Healthy offers a wide range of healthy snacking options to everyone. Armed with 14 years of corporate experience as the GM at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care and Diabetes Care, Roy wanted to break the elitist badge that healthy snacks are too expensive for the common person. He has since made healthy snacks a mainstream, affordable and delicious indulgence for everyone.

In this episode, Roy tells me, how his corporate job at  Johnson & Johnson’s health division helped him realize the importance of clean eating, and how sticking to a strategy that focused on building a healthy community around the brand helped him stay in business even during the pandemic.

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Episode Highlights:

07:48 – How Roy’s journey to entrepreneurship began

09:34 – How Roy’s last job helped him gain sales experience

13:21 – Why Freakin’ Healthy was started and the passion behind it

18:18 – Roy’s experience with running Freakin’ Healthy during the first year

20:16 – How Freakin’ Healthy’s initial team was formed

21:00 – The initial barriers that Freakin’ Healthy had to overcome as a new business

21:39 – Why the name “Freakin’ Healthy”

24:09 – Lessons learned from starting Freakin’ Healthy

24:55 – How Roy and his team came up with their recipes

29:41 – Roy’s first victory

37:40 – Freakin’ Healthy’s growth process and the stages it went through

43:34 – How the ongoing pandemic has affected Roy’s business and how they have managed to stay afloat

48:30 – How technology and social media has played a key role in Freakin’ Healthy

52:17 – What being an elevated entrepreneur means to Roy

54:02 – Roy’s advice to entrepreneurs

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