by Dhiren Bhatia / December 02, 2020

Do you believe that it’s possible to eat a healthy diet and still enjoy delicious and nourishing food? Well, this has been made a reality by Seva Experience, a wellness centre with a yoga studio that offers meditation, yoga, and also houses a cafe in its garden! Opened in 2014, this Dubai’s plant-based cafe offers healthy, organic and plant-based food. Seva Experience has indeed transformed the narrative of healthy food being boring. 

This gorgeous cafe with aesthetically pleasing interiors, lush greenery and soulful music brings Bali right into the heart of Dubai. It’s relaxed and homely feel makes it a perfect place to work on your laptop, read a book, or just savour the beautiful sanctuary. 

In today’s episode, I speak to Shadi Enbashi, one of Seva’s co-founders. Shadi shares how it has been running such a complex operation together with Eda, how they started, and the challenges they have had to overcome to be where they are today. If you are looking for valuable tips and advice on how to take your clients’ experience to the next level, this episode is for you!


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Episode Highlights:

4:18 – A bit about Shadi’s background

6:12 – A story of how Seva was founded at a villa with a messy background

9:08 – How the Seva idea came into being

12:47 – How Eda and Shadi met and started a life together

17:33 – The natural evolution of Shadi’s involvement 

23:23 – The crystal story

25:01 – How Eda and Shadi managed the centre during its crisis mode besides their full-time jobs

32:12 – Shadi’s life mission

34:30 – How life prepared Shadi for the roles and responsibilities he currently has.

35:32 – How Shadi and Eda created a strong foundation as husband and wife running a business together.

38:45 – How the baggage tied to us due to the life we have been exposed to play a role in the decisions we make.

46:02 – What it is like to run a plant-based cafe, and how it is possible to create delicious menus.

50:56 – How Seva has managed to present such an extensive menu to its clients. 

52:25 – How to find the perfect balance as a restaurant

54:39 – How technology has impacted operations at the cafe 

55:48 – Why it is important to keep an eye on food costs and margins

56:58 – The secret to increased demand at Seva

59:00 – What Shadi would do differently if he had a chance to start over

1:00:41 – Why making your bed first thing in the morning is the advice that Shadi would give any entrepreneur

1:02:10 – What makes an elevated entrepreneur in Shadi’s opinion

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