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When diving into a risky endeavour it is important to always be thinking big and emotionally supported. Since business has been normalized to be perceived as “Too risky,” “Just for rich people,” and “Will most likely fail”, especially for women. Families and friends will probably tell you that you’re just dreaming too big and you have to be realistic, that your plans are unachievable, or even you can’t do it.

In this episode, you will get to know the 7-figure earner entrepreneur who once dreamt big, and now have big plans for her successful business. She is the owner and runs the Female Fusion community, UAE’s largest and fastest-growing community for women entrepreneurs with more than 20,000 members.

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The Magic of Thinking Big Episode Highlights:

  • 07:00 Why no one hired Jen even though she had a senior role in Public Relations within Europe for 17 years
  • 08:03 How she built a business that earned seven figures after being constantly rejected
  • 03:57 The significant trait that has kept Jen going after being told “No” so many times
  • 10:24 Companies’ reason for not hiring her became Jen’s advantage in running her business
  • 13:01 Jen helped a friend monetize a Facebook page out of boredom which became her own business
  • 18:05 Jen shared two detailed pieces of advice for those who want to build a membership community
  • 19:24 How stepping back can support Jen’s community even more
  • 21:36 The number of successful business owners that Jen’s community has produced
  • 22:48 How do Jen manage her time to cater to all of her members’ needs
  • 24:57 The business myth that Jen tells otherwise is what the reality
  • 25:47 Jen shared the reality of being a working mom of 2 especially when she was raising them alone
  • 34:02 How rejections and failures played a big role in Jen’s success
  • 35:11 Unimaginable tragic events happened in Jen’s life
  • 38:55 What Female Fusion community events are coming up that will be the first to happen in UAE
  • 47:45 What the Female Fusion community has been doing and the achievements they’ve made
  • 51:23 How Jen overcome the Shiny Object Syndrome
  • 1:00:50 What Jen does to make her free members join her paid membership 


08:15 “We’re always going to have rejection, whether it’s in life, whether it’s in business, or anything else, and you’re going to be told “NO,” you’re going to hear that “It’s not possible,” “That you can’t do that.” If I want to do something, I’m like, “Could I try this?” as a character trait. As a child, it was very frustrating for my parents. But I think in adulthood that it’s maybe served me quite well because I don’t give up.” –Jennifer Blandos

09:18 “I think as human beings, all human beings have negative self-talk at some point. But it’s whether you keep having that or say,” Okay, I might think this but if I keep thinking this, I’m not going to go anywhere. And so you know, of course, do I doubt myself sometimes. It’s more on looking at that and saying “I know where I want to go to and so what am I gonna have to do to go and get there?” That has always been my drive ever since I was a small child. That I’ve always thought big and thought about things that I wanted to do and thought about steps that I could do to get there.” –Jennifer Blandos

09:18 “From being something that was initially an idea, to a community that will help other women. I’ve recognized the power of what we can do to bring everybody together and focus on growing that business.” –Jennifer Blandos

18:39 “I have a team helping me run and manage that community. It is not something that is just Jen. We do so much planning behind it that people think that it might just be Jen or a few other people. That there’s not that much work because they do such a great job. That they make it look so easy. But it requires a lot of work. It requires a lot of planning, a lot of forward-thinking and strategizing as well as being consistent, and you need to show up. You need to show up a lot.” –Jennifer Blandos

28:41 “It’s interesting that I had spent my whole life surrounded by people telling me that I couldn’t do things, that I was thinking too big, that it wasn’t achievable. Don’t tell me I can’t do something because I’m going to show you what can be done. And I’ll do twice as much of what you told me I couldn’t do.” –Jennifer Blandos

30:33 “I’m gonna do this, I’m gonna have like this big, hairy, audacious goal, and I’m going to do it, or I’m going to try to do it and learn from that. And what are the next steps that I can do to get there?” –Jennifer Blandos

32:36 “When you have this entrepreneurial spirit, you’re like, “Are you saying I can’t do this?” No, I want to achieve this. Not listening to all of the noise that’s around me, and to be able to trust myself in my intuition, and to also surround myself with other entrepreneurs, who I can have as a sounding board.” –Jennifer Blandos

34:29 “I’ve been rejected so many times in my life, like even just from business or people saying, “You’re not good enough,” or “You can’t do this” and It hurts. And maybe sometimes I’ll take a bit of time and maybe shed a few tears or feel upset or angry, but then go, “Okay, so how can I learn from this?” and “How can I learn from this to be better?” Every single thing that has happened in my life, I have looked at it as a learning experience.” –Jennifer Blandos


38:22 “ I think entrepreneurship is a very lonely game to begin with, and surrounding yourself with a few certain people that can pull you out of that dark place is important to help you continue to keep thinking big.” –Dhiren Bathia

1:00:18 “We need to meet, you need to understand who your members are, and you need to make them where they’re at. Don’t force them to go somewhere that they’re not already.” –Jennifer Blandos

1:04:14 “I’ve always been there to help people. There’s nothing wrong with that but you also need to have boundaries as well.” –Jennifer Blandos

1:07:50  “To be an elevated entrepreneur is to be a connector. And to be able to use my knowledge, experience, and background. To be a connector, to help other people grow. Because I think also if we’re givers, and we give to people so much, it comes back as well.” –Jennifer Blandos


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