by Riche Atos / April 20, 2021

This week, I’m giving you a quick walkthrough of my entire productivity systems, complete with which tools I use, applications, and frameworks. Believe it or not, the key to success in achieving your goals and the things you want to do is not by staying motivated or wanting to be productive. Plus, stay tuned because I am going to share three things about myself at the end of the episode that you surely won’t want to miss out on! 

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Episode Highlights:

[02:40] Dispelling the two big myths about productivity and motivation

[05:07] The 2 Day Rule if you want to stay consistent with your habits

[07:33] The breakdown of my productivity system

[08:06] Step number 1: Capture your ideas using Drafts

[09:41] Step number 2: Clarify your ideas using Things 3 

[13:43] The PARA framework which helps organize your ideas

[15:45] Step number 3: Review using Evernote and The Full Focus Planner

[17:21] Conducting reviews on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis 

[22:31] Step number 4: Process/ execution using Things 3 app

[24:41] Three things to remember to making your productivity system work for you


06:20 “Routine will set you free.”

13:10 “No matter what app you’re using, make sure you have it set up to reflect the areas of your life because you may have things to do in so many different areas.”

17:04 “It’s about being clear in what you are wanting to do and when you are wanting to do, so review really helps cement and solidify that.”

23:36 “If you’re going to be using a to-do app, assign due dates so that you don’t get overwhelmed at looking at the big laundry list of tasks and use the para system to categorize them better.”

25:32 “Our brains are designed to spew ideas out at the weirdest time of the day but when we start to overload our minds with tasks and things to do and reminders, that’s when we start to feel a lot more stress, we start to feel worrisome, and we end up becoming unproductive.”

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