by Riche Atos / February 09, 2021

Hey, elevated entrepreneur! This week we’re starting our Retail Entrepreneur Series where we interview entrepreneurs from the retail business industry. And I’m so excited to have the owner and CEO of Wolfi’s bike shop, Wolfgang Hohmann, more lovingly known as Wolfi, on the podcast with me! Today’s episode is all about how Wolfi started his bike shop, how he moved from Germany to Dubai almost on a whim and what made him so successful here in the region for the last 20 years. We also talk about the Wolfi experience, the amazing work culture their organization has maintained in the store, and even the cycling revolution going on in the UAE right now.

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Episode Highlights:

03:54 Wolfi’s life in Germany and how he discovered his passion for bicycles

05:32 Working in the hospitality industry and how that served him when he started his bike shop

10:28 How his bike shop started as a wooden shed in his brother’s car repair place

12:10 How being laid off led him to pursue the bike shop business fulltime

13:44 What made his bike shop so unique in Germany

16:31 A story of how his shop helped save his customer’s marriage

17:35 Wolfi shares his life purpose and how people can find their purpose

22:00 Being part of the cycling community in the UAE

23:09 Why he decided to move to Dubai from Germany

24:42 Wolfi’s Bike Shop’s humble beginnings in Dubai

30:21 The original vision for Wolfi’s bike shop and how it has grown into what it is today

33:25 The Wolfi’s experience and the focus on good service

36:56 The company culture in the organization

43:29 The must-haves when choosing the right team to work with

48:53 The importance of the role of technology in any business and how it changed Wolfi’s

52:41 Why Wolfi believes “Retail is not dead.”

55:36 Meeting the royal family and having royal connections as friends and customers 

1:00:26 What makes Wolfi an elevated entrepreneur?


Wolfgang Hohmann:

“If you really love something, then you never have to go back to work if you have a job like this.”

“It’s helping people. It’s not only helping customers but also my team, taking a great amount of joy from seeing people growing in my company. I have people I’m working with for 15 years; they have become from young men to fathers, married, successful business people themselves, and growing along with all these people, it’s great. And then obviously then helping people getting a bicycle. Getting fit, improving their lives, I think giving is something very rewarding.”

“Just live your life and don’t leave anything behind. I’m really trying to give as much as I can because at the same time, once you start giving you get so much back in return. And if you look after other people and be grateful for all the opportunities presented and you’re happy and you try really to help as much as you can, I think that’s a good mantra for myself to live my life.”

“If you find something in your life where you’re truly passionate about and you can bring this to people, go for that challenge.”

“People come here because they trust in our expertise, they trust in our work. We need to do good work and be known as a good shop and that’s nice, and it’s a nice compliment. But we have to re-earn the trust every day over and over again. It’s only rented trust, you’re not owning this for the rest of your life, you need to refresh this every time in dealing with every customer, that’s important.”

“Everything I know I would give to my team. And I’m not holding back with anything. I would give them all the ideas on how we do the financing, how we do the purchasing, how we do the selling. I wanna make them as good as I can, I’m not holding back any information.”

“Die empty… If one day I had to go, I want to have that feeling where I’ve given everything I could, and I’ve given everything to all my team, I’m just here for them because giving is an important part of me.”

“It’s all about getting better, and getting coached, and we could coach each other every day.”

Dhiren Bhatia:

“The energy that you put out to the world is what you get back.”

“In a business or in any organization, it’s the team that moves forward as a unit.  It’s everybody moving together as a very well-oiled machine, and you can’t feel the gap because the team is so tight. and that comes from the conversations that you are having, coaching both ways. not just from manager to employee, but the employee also to the manager. Because it’s about respect, and it’s about giving each other the space to say, I trust your opinion.”


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