by Riche Atos / June 29, 2021

In today’s modern world of restaurants and F&B businesses, serving great-tasting food or a nice ambience simply isn’t enough to make your customers happy.

You need to give them the best dining experience, whether in a restaurant, delivery or even online. One way to address this gap is by incorporating new technology in your restaurant. Not only will this improve your customers’ satisfaction but will also help YOU save time and money by automating most of the manual processes in your day-to-day operations.

That’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s podcast episode. I bring you your Ultimate F&B Tech Guide

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Episode Highlights:

Tune in to this episode and learn:

[02:43] Why you need to get a tech to grow your F&B business
[03:01] Point of Sale (POS) systems
[05:00] Benefits of having a modern, updated POS system in your restaurant
[05:16] Examples of POS systems
[06:16] Features you need to look for in a good POS system –
[10:22] Kitchen Display Systems o
[11:51] Features you need to look for in a KDS
[13:02] Examples of a good kitchen display syste
[14:05] Customer Facing Displays or CFDs
[16:37] Why Inventory management is a must-have
[17:37] Caveats of inventory management and what you should be looking for to make inventory easier
[18:55] Features and benefits of a good inventory management system
[20:35] Examples of no-frills, utilitarian and easy to start with inventory management systems
[21:16] Accounting systems and a few examples
[22:09] HR and time scheduling apps and some examples
[26:41] Analytics technology
[28:41] Loyalty Systems
[29:54] Examples of loyalty programs

Links to Tools, Apps and Resources:

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