by Riche Atos / December 14, 2020

My, my, what a wonderful year 2020 has been! Despite all the turbulence and unexpected circumstances this year has brought us, I still choose to see this as the best year that has ever happened. With that, I invite you to wrap up 2020 with me as I talk about how I spent this year and how I’m looking forward to 2021.

In this episode, I’ll share with you my 2020 highlights, lessons learned, best books and podcasts I’ve read and listened to as well as some episodes from the Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast that I highly recommend for anyone wanting to level up their business in the coming year. Stay tuned as I also talk about what’s next for me and Cloudscape in 2021. Let’s get started! 

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Best Books I’ve Read in 2020

Best Podcasts I’ve Listened to in 2020

Top 3 Episodes on the Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast:

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Episode Highlights

This Year’s Highlights

04:16 – Ran my first ever half marathon in February 2019

05:01 – Will be PADI-certified by the end of this year

05:30 – Travelling for four months in Toronto

06:45 – Made some tremendous changes to our products and services at Cloudscape

07:16 – Began a journaling habit and started using a planner

08:08 – Launched the Elevated Entrepreneur Podcast

08:44 – Bid goodbye to old members and said hello to new team members

09:24 – Migrated the website from WebFlow to WordPress

09:47 – Moved all our systems to Zoho

10:40 – I was asked to be a mentor!

Lessons Learned

11:53 – Never say never

13:02 – Choosing a tried and tested thing over a shinier, newer thing

14:34 – Perfect is relative –  done is better than perfect

16:04 – The importance of niche

17:20 – The importance of having a peer board

18:19 – Allowing yourself to make mistakes

Plans and Goals for 2021

26:50 – Run a 42k marathon

27:22 – Go diving and travel on a motorcycle

28:09 – Implement subscriptions to the business

28:51 – Continuously grow the Cloudscape team

Why I refuse to give 2020 a negative connotation: “It’s all about being positive and looking for all the great things that have happened and being thankful.”

 “In our lives we all have choices to make sometimes. My advice is to stick with the tried and tested. There is a reason why something is popular and there’s a reason why so many people use that system.”

“We should be able to allow ourselves to make mistakes and gracefully get back up and move on because when mistakes happen, we tend to beat ourselves up so badly that it’s hard to move ahead. You have to move forward by going back to the basics, figuring out what worked, what did not work.”


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Dhiren Bhatia

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