MarketMan helps you run a profitable restaurant

The secret? Minimal waste and maximum efficiency. With MarketMan, you’ll know exactly where every cent and food item is going at all times.

Restaurant inventory management

Keep track of your stock in your restaurant and warehouse at all times. MarketMan works on any device, and connects seamlessly to your POS system.

Integrated purchasing & order management

Re-stock with on the go with electronic orders. Order from your suppliers automatically, from any device, without calls, emails or paperwork.

Analytics and built-in accounting

Track food cost, keep an eye on purchasing history, and avoid costly errors and reconciliation. The result? Profitable menus and happy diners!


Cloudscape Technologies is one of the first MarketMan implementation partners in the Middle East. We have expertise not only in MarketMan, but also with integration into other cloud tools across POS, Accounting and E-Commerce to help you leverage your investment in IT.

How MarketMan can help you

Maximize profitability

Take waste to an absolute minimum. Budget food costing. Make sure you’re always stocked up and ready to go. With everything in place, it’s easy to run your restaurant like a well-oiled machine.

Put ordering on autopilot

MarketMan connects seamlessly with your procurement system and suppliers, letting you restock at the press of a button, or even automatically as your POS detects low inventory. Easy!

Gain a fresher perspective

Ultimately, it’s much easier to run a business when you have all the numbers in order. Now, rather than micromanaging operations, you can focus on strategic decisions and on improving your guests’ experience.

Learn if MarketMan is right for you

If it wasn’t obvious already, we love talking cloud. We’ll be happy to tell you everything you want to know about MarketMan – no obligations, no strings attached.


Cloudscape Technologies is a certified MarketMan Expert in the UAE