Lightspeed Series X (formerly known as Vend) is a complete retail sales management solution

Take full control of your business, from today’s first card swipe to this year’s sales report. Works on any device, online or offline (and yes: e-commerce too).

Complete POS & sales management

Sales? Lightspeed Series X (Vend) has it covered – all of it. Stock management, credit card processing, creating customer loyalty programs, and even building a full-fledged online store in minutes.

Built-in inventory management

Track and group customers’ purchase history, account balances, refunds and more. Control your inventory across locations, with full or partial inventory counts, automated reordering, and stock levels.

Powerful back-office data and analytics

Get an instant snapshot of your business performance from a single dashboard on multiple devices. Set goals, monitor success, and create more complex reports as you grow.


Cloudscape Technologies is one of the first Lightspeed Series X (Vend) implementation partners in the Middle East. We have expertise not only in Vend, but also with integration into other cloud tools across POS, Accounting and E-Commerce to help you leverage your investment in IT.

How Vend can help you

Sell more, procure better

Make checkout a breeze, know your inventory is always up to date, and rock sales on any channel. Customers will love the experience, and suppliers will appreciate the efficiency.

Really ‘get’ your business

Have a bird’s-eye view of your store or restaurant at any given time, and make better decisions, faster. Learn what’s selling and what isn’t, which customers groups are more profitable, and more.

Know everything just… works

Free time and brain bandwidth for the decisions that really matter.Being a cloud solution, Vend is always up to speed with the latest features. And with our premium training, you know your staff is, too.

Learn if Vend is right for you

If it wasn’t obvious already, we love talking cloud. We’ll be happy to tell you everything you want to know about Vend – no obligations, no strings attached. Book your free strategy call today.


Cloudscape Technologies is a certified Vend Expert in the UAE