Xero is an accounting software that streamlines your finances

Take the whole “money part” to the cloud to complete the picture of truly efficient, automated operations. Xero does it all, and then some.

Cloud accounting done right

Every feature you need, Xero has it: generate quotes, issue invoices, accept payments, manage your payroll, pay your bills or handle expense claims. All in one place.

Secure, private, anywhere

Xero works on any device, including your mobile phone. Take your accounting and real-time visibility into your bottom line always with you. It even connects with your bank.

Cash flow control and analytics

Accept dozens of payment gateways, send invoices and speed up transactions. Manage outgoing payments in a breeze. Access mission-critical data at your fingertips.


Cloudscape Technologies is one of the first Xero implementation partners in the Middle East. We have expertise not only in Xero, but also with integration into other cloud tools across POS, Accounting and E-Commerce to help you leverage your investment in IT.

How Xero can help you

Follow the money at all times

Know how much is going where, where it’s coming from, and fix what’s not working right straight away. Make real-time decisions on your finances and access your financial snapshot from anywhere, any device.

Automate payments and data

Never input a single data point manually again. Xero connects seamlessly to your bank, supplier, inventory and sales system, recording transactions the second they happen.

Break free from daily matters

Most of our clients ask for Xero integration with the POS, e-commerce and inventory management, because perfectly managed finance completes the picture of an efficient, profitable store and restaurant.

Learn if Xero is right for you

If it wasn’t obvious already, we love talking cloud. We’ll be happy to tell you everything you want to know about Vend – no obligations, no strings attached. Book your free strategy call today.


Cloudscape Technologies is a Xero Certified Advisor in the UAE.